Monday, October 13, 2008

Credit Cards??

Now, what comes to your mind when you think of credit cards? Well, to some people it means having alot of extra cash that doesn't belong to us, at that moment, but we have an option to spend it. If decided to spend the money issued on that credit card, you must now take initiative, that it's yours. I know you're wondering, " what does she mean by that" well I'm going to let you know the ins and outs of all of these wonderful credit cards and the offers that comes along.
When signing up with any credit card offer you must read the full terms ( in person or on computer) before accepting the offer.
The main thing that you want to look for in these offers are LOW INTEREST RATES. Yes, this determines how much you are going to pay that company (credit card) back on each dollar that you spend. For example, you don't want to have to pay $50 just because you spent $25 but, you will if you decide to have an interest rate of 8% or more. Remember, low is what we're aiming for!
Then you want to make sure that there won't be any increase in your rates after a few months because, they will try to trap you in believing that you have a fixed rate(stays the same the whole term), when in reality , its variable(changes). Also, make sure you know and fully understand the rates for balance transfers, purchases, and cash advances are sometimes DIFFERENT. They will try and trick you by only telling you one rate, but I know next time you'll be prepared. This is very VITAL when signing up for a credit card offer!
When signing up for a credit card never initiate it over the phone. That means submitting your personal information over the phone to a customer service representative. The reason I say that, is because you will never receive the full details of your credit card offer. Just please remember, there are always hidden terms in your contract or offer, so pay close attention.
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Issuing Refunds?

Now, everyone knows that receiving a refund back, from their bank is VITAL! Keeping in mind, that the bank doesn't believe in refunds quite often, well you do have options. If you receive your first overdraft fee, then you are definitely entitled to a FREE waiver. Don't let your bank tell you otherwise, it will be a LIE! Meaning, no matter what the issue was that caused an overdraft, you will get issued a overdraft refund. Now, you are going to have to speak with a supervisor or someone higher up than a teller if you're trying to receive this refund in person(at the branch) but, if you call your bank customer service line and speak with a representative then it should be no problem. Keep in mind, they do have track of how many times you have called in and received a refund!

Let's see now, if your're more experienced at overdrawing your account you might want to leave a simple question in the comments section, for only a $5 fee (click on paypal button below) you can learn how to receive hundreds of dollars back in refunds!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Turn To Investments For The Future

Hard times have approached and there's no better way to survive than off the land. What I mean by that is using your banks money to help better yours. One of the world's most leading ways would be to take out a loan with your bank. Now, there's several different type of loans that you could take advantage of. For example, the most common type of loan would be a personal or home equity. Most personal loans depend on your credit history if you qualify. If interested in home equity, you first must be an home owner. Then you should ask yourself if you think your home has some equity, even if you're not sure you could always use this to determine:

1. If you live in a new housing development and they're currently still continuing to build around your community, there's a great chance you have equity.

2. If you have done any remodeling on your home to help improve the living conditions or value of home, then you certainly have equity.

3. You can always find an appraiser to appraise your home before taking out the equity, to find out the value of your home, that will help you dictate if there's any or enough equity in your home for you to pull out.

These are just a few solutions to finding out about equity in your home. If you have any detailed questions don't hesitate to leave a comment and I will respond.

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft protection is highly recommended if qualify? I know that sounds crazy, but most banks these days tell you that you 're going to have overdraft protection on your accounts. When in reality, you must have a form of overdraft protection, yes that's right, a form. That means you must have a savings account, credit card, or in some cases a line of credit. If you decide to use credit as protection most banks require that you must have their credit not another bank. Otherwise, in order to protect your money you must have money in your savings account to act as a form of overdraft protection. Then some banks have it setup, in order to use protection you must pay them a fee to sweep your funds over, from the protection to your over drafted account. I know that's crazy, they're charging you to protect your account with your own money but, that's how they make theirs. I recommend, if you don't have good credit and are struggling to keep money in your savings account then your best option would be to contact your bank. Once you've contacted your bank, advise them that you want your debit card setup to deactivate once you start to exceed your balance in your account. That option will prevent you from overdrawing and also help to avoid fees. You MUST contact your bank for that option, it will not take effect itself, you have to request it from your financial institution. I hope I provided you with some intriguing information to help your banking needs, if you have any detailed questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment and I will respond back.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Basic Worries When Banking?

How many times have you made a purchase, not knowing you didn’t have enough funds in your account? How about, not being able to recognize a specific merchant that has debited your account? Or are you simply sick and tired of financial institutions (whatever bank you bank with) taking your money for overdrawing your account without advising you first, that you’re even overdrawn? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions you MUST continue to read!!

Tips In Banking

1. The main key in having an account anywhere is checking on your account daily. If not able to, then you need to do so frequently.

2. Sign-up either by banking by phone or on-line banking with your bank. Both of these tools should be FREE of charge with your bank.

3. You can also keep a log or a type of spreadsheet of all your purchases. Meaning from buying items in the store to paying bills, whether setup automatically or not, you need to keep track of your own expenses.

4. If having trouble with keeping track of what you spend throughout the day, then you should try and keep your receipts from purchases made. I actually have 3 complete shoe-boxes with nothing but receipts in them. This is going to come in handy during instances when you worry and at the end of the year tax time.

5. Another option, if have troube with keeping track with bills and expenses, then you should think about opening an additional account. For example, you can have an account for bills and one for leisure activities. Most banks have it setup if you’re an existing customer, that you can open another account for free with just a low initial deposit. Then you would know exactly what your money is being spent on and be able to track it if necessary.